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Transform your customer's shopping experience into an emotional journey

Make product discovery as natural as chatting with a friend, and turn browsing into an engaging dialogue that leads to satisfaction, not frustration.

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I need something to reduce my anxiety, and stress

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I'm looking for a product that will help me sleep better

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I want a shirt with a pattern

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I'm looking for a necklace with an egyption symbol

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Give me something to increase my energy & focus

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I'm looking for a coffee with a strong taste, kenyan maybe?

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Mert Kaya, -Nove Solutions

"It is a great tool for our clients. We've seen a 16% increase in sales since we started using lookfor."

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Hakan Sancak, -ByteDigital

"We started using lookfor for our Shopify clients, and results were amazing by following 20% increase in conversions."

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Murat Golcu, CPO

"You just tell what you need then let lookfor handle the rest. Seamless integration and great support."

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Sude E., -Shopper

"Well as a shopper, I don't spend a lot of time through doom browsing. I just ask what I need and get it."

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Jack N., -Shopper

"It really makes shopping process more conversational and emotional. Good work guys!"

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Emily S., -Shopper

"I love it! It helps customers to find what they seek and enables them to discover unique products."


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Discover the inspiring stories of transformation and success from our valued clients and partners.

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Discover the story behind every shopping journey. Simple, insightful analytics to drive your business forward.

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2500 message credits per month

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Conversational AI

Enhanced Analytics

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